Country research

Supporting policy change

To support efforts to strengthen food donation law and policy, FLPC has developed a legal guide, recommendations, and an executive summary for each country in The Global Food Donation Policy Atlas. All materials are available for download as PDF files. Issue briefs on food donation operations are also available.

  • Legal guides provide an overview of the state of food loss, waste, and recovery as well as food insecurity in each country. They explain the legal frameworks most relevant to food donation and analyze how existing laws and policies address the issues of food safety for donations, food date labeling, liability protection for food donations, tax incentives and tax barriers, donation requirements or food waste penalties, and government grants and incentives.

  • Policy recommendations serve as a companion document to the legal guides. They offer best practices to policymakers based on the gaps and opportunities identified in the guides.

  • Executive summaries provide a synthesis of the major findings from the legal guides and policy recommendations as well as some analysis of how each country compares to the others in the project.

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