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Policy Issues Impacting Food Recovery

The Atlas identifies and examines the legal issues most critical to food loss and waste and food donation across the world.

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Date Labeling

Confusing date labels on food products are a major driver of food waste and an obstacle to food donation. Laws should differentiate between quality- and safety-based labels to reduce unnecessary waste.

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Emissions, Environmental, and Food Waste Reporting Policies

Reporting interventions that require the measurement of food loss and waste streams help entities identify ways to take advantage of the economic benefits of improved food loss and waste management.

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Food Safety for Donations

Clear, accessible guidance on food safety—specific to donated food—is necessary to encourage donation and protect public health.

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Food Waste Deterrence

Governments should establish food donation requirements or food waste deterrence laws that require that food is recovered and donated instead of going to waste.

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Government Grants & Incentives

National and local grants and incentives can scale food donation, especially in countries where tax benefits are insufficient or where limited infrastructure hinders food recovery.

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Liability Protection for Donations

Lack of clear or comprehensive legal protections can result in food donors discarding safe, surplus food instead of donating it to food recovery organizations.

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National Food Waste Strategies

Adopting a national food loss and waste or food donation framework can help governments advance food recovery efforts along the supply chain.

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Special Report: Food Donation Operations During COVID-19

Amid the COVID-19 crisis and exacerbated rates of food insecurity, urgent and effective policy opportunities are needed to scale food recovery operations.

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Tax Incentives and Barriers

For food donors, fiscal barriers, such as high transportation and storage costs are a barrier to donating to food recovery organizations. Tax regimes can play a crucial role in discouraging or incentivizing donation.

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Mapping food donation policies around the world

The Atlas evaluates laws and policies across the most relevant issue areas relating to food donation and food loss and waste. Explore the map to compare and contrast existing legislation and learn from best practices around the world.

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