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Policy Issue: Food Donation Operations During COVID-19

This brief is intended to apprise governments and policymakers addressing COVID-19 food security issues of urgent and effective policy opportunities to support food banks and food recovery operations during this global crisis. Enhancing these operations will enable governments to rapidly deploy emergency food aid, strengthen national and local food systems, prevent costly food loss and waste, and reduce risk of hunger and food insecurity.

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Atlas Research: Food Donation Operations During COVID-19

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June 2020

This issue brief offers guidance to policymakers as to how they can better partner with and support food banks as a vital part of their COVID-19 response. The analysis highlights the most common issues weakening food donation during the pandemic, and offers best practices for governments to engage food donation operations as an integral part of efforts to ensure ongoing food security.

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August 2021

Since the publication of the 2020 Issue Brief, governments have adopted varied, innovative policy measures in response to the food crisis, including those that involve food donation. This issue brief highlights further opportunities and offers best practices for advancing food donation.

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