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Policy Issue: Tax Incentives and Barriers

For food donors, fiscal barriers, such as high transportation and storage costs are a barrier to donating to food recovery organizations. Tax regimes can play a crucial role in discouraging or incentivizing donation.

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Atlas Research: Tax Incentives and Barriers

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Issue Brief

The issue brief provides an overview of various considerations for ensuring a maximally effective tax policy to enhance food donation activity, including design of incentives and how to remove potential tax barriers.

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Best Practices: Tax Incentives and Barriers

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Implement a Tax Incentive for Food Donation

Include a charitable tax credit or deduction for in-kind food donation in national tax schemes, raise tax deduction caps (to exceed 10% of taxable income), and remove deduction limits.

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Ensure the Tax Scheme is Not a Barrier to Donation

Effectively exempt food donation from the value added (VAT) scheme and permit donors to reclaim the VAT credit attached to donations.

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Offer a Tax Credit Instead of a Deduction

Offer a tax credit as a supplement or alternative to tax deductions to incentivize donation among small-scale, low-margin producers and businesses, such as farmers.

Countries with Strong Policies: Tax Incentives and Barriers

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Recent tax reform in Colombia allows donors to claim a tax credit up to 25% of the value of donations made to food bank members and other organizations that promote health, environmental protection, human rights, and poverty reduction.

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Additionally, the tax scheme does not create a barrier to donation as most food items are not subject to the standard valued added tax rate of 19% and donations made to registered food banks are exempt from the tax.

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