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Brazil: Policy Highlights and Opportunities

Each year, approximately 26.3 million tons of food in Brazil are either lost or wasted along the supply chain. The benefits of greater food recovery and donation are particularly apparent in Brazil, where an estimated 61.3 million people face food insecurity. The government of Brazil has prioritized food insecurity and food loss and waste (FLW) reduction as part of its national policy agenda.

Atlas Research: Brazil

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Legal Guide

Learn more about the legal frameworks relevant to food donation and how Brazil's existing laws and policies support or hinder the country's progress.

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Policy Recommendations

Dive into recommendations for policymakers based on the gaps and opportunities identified in the legal guides.

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Executive Summary

Read highlights of the research findings and our high-level recommendations.

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Policy Highlights

Brazil research was published in February 2024 and made possible with the support of on-site partners, including Sesc Mesa Brasil
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Liability Protection

Brazil offers liability protections for food donations through the Food Waste and Donation Law.

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Food Safety

The Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (ANVISA) released a Guide for Food Donation with Sanitary Safety with best practices regarding procedures and methods to maintain food safety when food is donated.

Policy Opportunities and Recommendations

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Date Labeling

To ensure that quality-based date labels do not cause disposal of safe food, the Brazilian government should implement a standard, dual-labeling system that clearly distinguishes between quality and safety-based dates.

Food Waste Deterrence

The Brazilian government should adopt nationwide policies that would require the donation of surplus food or impose monetary penalties for food that is sent to landfills.

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