Issue briefs

Alongside the individual country research, which includes the legal guides and tailored policy recommendations, The Global Food Donation Policy Atlas project is developing a series of issue briefs that cover each of the six major policy areas in detail. The briefs compile common obstacles and best practices from partner countries. You can find these briefs here as they become available, along with two timely COVID-19 briefs and summary blog posts that discuss findings from the complementary topical webinar series.

Policy area issue briefs

These briefs further explore the key law and policy areas identified by the Atlas project as critical for food donation.

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  • Food safety

  • Food waste bans/donation requirements

  • Government grants and incentives

Policy area webinars

To complement the release of each issue brief, FLPC and GFN host a global webinar that convenes policymakers and stakeholders from partner countries to discuss the topic in detail, including barriers, innovations, best practices, and policy opportunities. While these webinars are by invitation only, the following blog posts discuss the major takeaways:

COVID-19 issue briefs

The global pandemic has raised the profile of food banks and food recovery organizations as essential social safety nets for mitigating hunger and food insecurity around the world. With demand for food donation surging, the time is ripe for governments to formally recognize food donation as a solution to both hunger and food loss and waste and to ensure that relevant laws and policies support rather than limit food recovery operations.

To learn more about how governments can effectively promote food donation during the global pandemic, check out these issue briefs by FLPC and GFN.

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